3MT939: Fe3+ Modified CaO Derived From Waste Chicken Bones As Catalyst For Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Oil

Nurul Izzati Saharuddin Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

VIC24 | Virtual 3MT

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Tonnes of waste chicken bones in Malaysia present an opportunity for repurposing these materials. Heterogeneous Fe3+ supported calcium oxide catalysts (5 wt% Fe-CaO and 10 wt% Fe-CaO) were synthesized via wet impregnation. Transesterification of waste cooking oil to biodiesel showed the highest yield (72.52%) with 10 wt% Fe-CaO, surpassing 5 wt% Fe-CaO (45.67%) and CaO (40.53%). A 1 wt% catalyst loading, 10:1 methanol-to-oil ratio, and 4 h reaction time were considered as optimized conditions. This research demonstrates the feasibility of a low-cost catalyst derived from waste chicken bones for sustainable biodiesel production.