JS380: Hydroponic Aquarium

Nur Aisyah Humairah Binti Khairul Anwar Sekolah Kebangsaan Sena

VIC24 | Junior Scientist

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Hydroponic aquarium system is a method o facilitate work to individuals who like to cultivate in remote areas or there is no suitable space to carry out such activities. There are many types of hydroponic aquarium system such as NFT system, RAFT system, EBB & FLOW system and more. All these systems have different concepts but have the same way of working in providing nutrients to plants to remain fertile. The problem that is often faced by individuals who like to farm and keep freshwater fish in remote areas of there is no suitable space to carry out the activities. In this project, there are several objectives that we have focused on namely designing plant shelves, building hydroponic aquarium systems and finally testing the appropriate crop types. The aquarium can perform several actions such fish feeding automatically can be done using Android via internet network and control the hydroponic aquarium decorative lights. To move the fish feeding valve, it uses relay as on/off hydroponic aquarium light. Fish feed machines can feed on a scheduled basic if the user forgets to feed fish.