YS331: EcoLeaf Bowl: A Sustainable Alternative

Hing Jun Kang Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Yong Peng

VIC24 | Young Scientist

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The EcoLeaf Bowl aims to combat the escalating issue of plastic pollution by introducing a sustainable and biodegradable food container made from natural wormwood leaves. The primary objective is to provide a practical solution to the environmental challenges posed by single-use plastic food containers. Through rigorous research, we have found that the EcoLeaf Bowl exhibits remarkable biodegradability. Within a controlled environment, we observed that the EcoLeaf Bowl can decompose within two months, compared to traditional plastic containers that persist for hundreds of years. The results of our project showcase a promising opportunity to reduce plastic food containers and promote a healthier lifestyle. EcoLeaf Bowl serves as a tangible example of how green technology can address critical environmental issues while contributing to responsible consumption and production. EcoLeaf Bowl is a testament to the positive impact of merging green technology with traditional wisdom.