3MT274: An Investigation Of Hydrogel Effect On Photovoltaic Solar Panel By Using Heat Transfer Module

Nurunnajjah Ahmad Makin Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

VIC24 | Virtual 3MT

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Solar panels are used to generate clean and renewable energy, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, and helping mitigate environmental impacts associated with conventional power generation. Over the past 40 years, researchers have focused on thermal regulation of solar panels due to the negative effect of the rising temperature on the solar panel electrical performance. This problem will shorten the life of the solar panel and diminish its efficiency. The integration of hydrogel into solar panels offers a promising pathway to enhance energy conversion efficiency, specifically addressing challenges related to heat management. The primary objective is to gain insight into how hydrogels contribute to heat dissipation, ultimately resulting in improved thermal regulation and a consequent increase in overall solar panel efficiency. In this study, the dynamic behavior of hydrogel-based cooling systems within the context of solar panels is modeled using the Heat Transfer Module in COMSOL Multiphysics.