SS245: Tradilooks Apps


Tradilook Apps is an application developed specifically for students to obtain information about traditional clothing reservations in the Mukah area. Tradilook Apps aims to expedite and save students' time in finding boutiques that provide traditional clothing rental services, checking operating hours, and knowing the rental prices of the clothing. This mobile application innovation is designed to facilitate students' transactions when they need traditional clothing on campus, especially during cultural activities. By simply using this application, students can easily find nearby traditional clothing boutiques with just a few taps on their phone screens. Tradilook Apps has incorporated nearly all traditional clothing boutiques in the Mukah area into its platform, making it a comprehensive source of information for individuals interested in traditional clothing. Through this study involving 766 students from Politeknik Mukah (PMU), UiTM Mukah, and Centex Mukah, Tradilook Apps received positive responses among students. Descriptive statistics indicate that most respondents agree that this application is free of charge, with the highest minimum value being (mean 4.8238). Furthermore, respondents also agree that the application provides accurate information about rental prices for traditional clothing, with the highest minimum value being (mean 4.8982). Overall, Tradilook Apps has been well-received by students, providing useful information and facilitating access to traditional clothing in the Mukah area. However, there are suggestions to expand the application's content by including more in-depth information about cultural significance, historical background, and regional variations of traditional clothing. This would make Tradilook Apps more comprehensive and provide greater benefits to users.