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Ekoenzim CP Ecoenzyme CP is an acronym for Pulasan fruit peel (waste), mushroom stem (waste), banana peel (waste) and lemon peel (waste). This innovation uses 4 types of waste found around our homes. The most interesting element in this innovation is that we use the waste of oyster mushroom stems that are discarded by the industry, which have many benefits of protein, vitamin E, fiber, iron, magnesium and calcium. Pulasan fruit contains a high content of Vitamin C, iron and calcium. The high nutrients in the mushroom stem and the skin of the mushroom is an advantage in the formation of organic fertilizer that we produce, which is a novelty in this study. In addition, this innovation also makes waste banana peels and lemon peel wastes as additional ingredients to complement the nutrient components for tree growth. We use laboratory test findings from other scholarly studies to support this innovation (Literature Review). Ekoenzym CP product effectiveness testing through a questionnaire (Social Science methodology) has also been done. The study respondents were a total of 40 individuals including 25 women and 15 men. The selection of study respondents is random. The results of the study show that 95% percent of respondents agree with the positive impact of Ecoenzyme CP. Data analysis is through a simple quantitative method, through the calculation of the mode and simple mean of user perception through questionnaires that have been distributed. The feedback from the interview with the respondents was also very positive. It is a justification of the effectiveness of the benefits of Ecoenzyme CP innovation. It is hoped that this CP Ecoenzyme innovation can not only increase its production to become a source of school income, but more importantly, can spark ideas and effective methods in dealing with the problems of managing agricultural waste, mushroom industry waste and food waste in the world.