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Sadly, the reality of society is that a girl is not safe even during daylight. We have come across so many reports regarding rapes, molestations, kidnappings. They target girls because they think we are frail so we can’t fight back. While we can always learn self-defence as a measure to protect ourselves, there is one thing we can always carry in our bags a safety keychain! In honour of International Women’s Day, we decided why not make a safety keychain to protect not just women but also men worldwide and allow them to feel safe wherever they go. This project introduces a portable safety alarm keychain and pepper spray wherever you go. The materials needed are not only easy to find but it is also easy to make. This allows us to feel safe without needing to buy products that cost an arm and a leg, we can just make it from the safety of our own home. The best part is you can decorate it the way you like! As for the main components for the safety alarm keychain, you just need a cloth peg, wire, battery, battery holder, foil paper and a mechanical buzzer. For the homemade pepper spray, the main ingredients of the spray are red chillies, black pepper, vinegar & oil. So it can be made at a low cost.