JS184: Green Rainwater Purifier (GRP)


VIC24 | Junior Scientist

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As a tropical country, Malaysia receives plenty of rainfall annually. Based on world meter statistics Malaysia receives 2875 mm per year average volume of annual Rainfall and by average Malaysian. Malaysia has 0 percentage dependency on obtaining water from other countries but in some rural places within Malaysia, we do not have proper piping systems. Based on The Outlook of Rural Water Supply in Developing Country report on 2017 report, only 50 to 60 percentage houses in some location especially Kelantan, Sabah and Sarawak do have proper piping system. The rainfall is sometimes harvested, but often becomes surface runoff where it stored on surface water such as in lakes or streams. Quality of harvested rainwater majorly affected by contamination occurring during collection and storage. The purpose of this research is to promote rainwater harvesting technique for general uses and reduce dependency on pipe water supply. Green Rainwater Purifier is an innovative that provides purifying the rainwater in most economical way and the retained rainwater for general cleaning, gardening, swimming pool storage water and water for toilet flush. The research method used by young scientist are qualitative and quantitative method. Qualitative method is focus and explore on technology available in market besides study to setup the tools at selected location in house for converting the rainwater into useable water. Quantitative research methods used focus on the amount of water can be saved each month per year. They also have explored on amount of money for initial investment for this technology.