3MT1597: Determinants Of Sustainable Performance Of Microentrepreneur: A Proposed FrameworK


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Microentrepreneurs are crucial to a nation's sustainable development, serving as a fundamental part of the economy by creating jobs and enhancing GDP. Their sustained success is essential. This study proposes a conceptual framework to examine the factors affecting the sustainable performance of microentrepreneurs focus on women entrepreneur from East Coast Peninsular Malaysia. Although research on microentrepreneurs is growing, there is a noticeable lack of studies from a sustainability viewpoint, both conceptual and empirical. Furthermore, the results of the existing studies are often inconsistent. This research identifies four key factors crucial for the sustainable performance of microentrepreneurs: financial literacy, organizational culture, social capital, and ICT adoption. The paper also recommends conducting empirical research to explore how green knowledge management might moderate the impact of these factors on the sustainable performance of microentrepreneurs and transfer of training mediate between ICT adoption and Sustainable Performance.