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This project focuses on developing homemade hot glue sticks using recycled plastic bags as the main ingredient. The process involves collecting and cleaning discarded plastic bags, which are then melted down to form a molten plastic mixture. This mixture is poured into molds to create hot glue sticks of various sizes and shapes. The homemade glue sticks are tested for their adhesive strength, durability, and usability in comparison to commercial hot glue sticks. The main objective of this project is to find a sustainable solution for recycling plastic waste while creating a useful product. By repurposing plastic bags into hot glue sticks, the project aims to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and promote recycling practices among individuals and communities. The project also explores the economic feasibility of producing homemade hot glue sticks compared to purchasing commercial products. It examines the cost-effectiveness of the process and the potential for small-scale production for personal or community use. Additionally, the project considers the safety aspects of homemade hot glue sticks, ensuring that they meet standard safety requirements for use in craft and DIY projects. Overall, this project aims to demonstrate a practical and eco-friendly approach to recycling plastic waste and producing useful products from recycled materials.