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Our innovation is a soilless cultivation. Nowadays, people are busy with their own work and choose to live in a condominium instead especially for the ones that lives alone in the cities like Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, a soilless cultivation can help those who wants to plant by their own or save spaces in their house! You can not only do planting with our soilless cultivation, but also can raise fish in the fish tank which is at the bottom of the grow tray. As for the water supply for the fish, we will be using a rain collector to collect rainwater and supply it to the fish tank through a pipe. The water in the fish tank will be pump to the grow tray with a pipe. In the process, the ammonia in the water will be filtrated by bacterias into nutrients to be use to water the plants. The grow tray is slightly tilted, so that the water can flow to another grow trays and last recycle back to the fish tank to be use again. This can provide foods to humans and also improve aesthethics of the house. It will also save waters since it uses rainwater and it has a water circulation system.