SS1430: ClassyCarry

Gwendoline Rata Anak Franklin Universiti Teknologi Mara

Running a restaurant may be challenging, especially when it comes to serving. Timing plays an important role in a restaurant service. Ensuring that food and drinks are delivered to tables promptly and at the correct temperature requires strong time management abilities. Managing the demands of various tables at once increases the level of difficulty. When it comes to serving at restaurants, traditional trays can be a hassle due to their small size, tendency to spill, and challenge of movement through crowded areas. This can lead to inefficiencies and service interruptions. Furthermore, Servers must manage several orders simultaneously and guarantee accurate delivery to the correct table. Balancing diverse items on a tray without proper order info or labels may result in confusion, mistakes, and delays in serving, ultimately affecting the customer's satisfaction. Apart from practical concerns, the use of the traditional tray also brings other significant impacts. Restaurant staff still rely on the use of paper to jot down the customers orders. This reliance could lead to waiters becoming overwhelmed and mix up orders, leading to frequent errors like taking the wrong meal orders, providing incomplete descriptions to guests, and inadequate customer assistance. To address this issue, we developed an innovative tray named ClassyCarry. It is a smart serving tray that has functions and advantages in one tray which it can order, control and monitor. These ClassyCarry can incorporate user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, making it easier for both customers and staff to interact with the devices. Keywords: Tray; User-friendly; Order; Satisfaction; Temperature; Service