SS1410: AllRide


Transportation is one of the main components of the tourism industry. Transportation is necessary for individuals to move from one location to another attraction so that they can enjoy the activities there. The development of the AllRide app primarily concentrates on transportation issues. The main objective of this application is to provide multifunctional transportation applications that cater to diverse user demands, offering economical and safe transportation alternatives as transportation costs can put a strain on tourists' budgets. Furthermore, the AllRide app gives customers thorough information about the local transport network to have access to affordable and convenient transportation options beyond taxis by providing a variety of forms of transportation, such as buses, trains, and bicycles, facilitating travel planning and the exploration of genuine local activities for both visitors and locals. Lastly, this application commercializes through social media, marketing strategies, and reward and discount programmes to motivate users to check out the many transportation alternatives available to experience the advantages.