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Our innovation is Super Eata Crayons. Why do we call this an edible crayon? In recent years, there have been many cases of children eating crayons by mistake because they don't know how to read the instructions. Children are born to try and have endless curiosity. In order to avoid this, we decided to invent edible crayons, which can not only keep children's love of painting, but also ensure their safety. These crayons are safe and made from food, so there is no need to worry about children eating them to promote safe and enjoyable artistic experiences among children while also addressing concerns related to traditional crayon ingredients. Even if they eat it, there is nothing to worry about. The ingredients we use are non-toxic. The materials that we used are edible bees’ wax, suitable mould, natural pigment extracted from fruits and vegetables such as dragon fruits, oranges, pineapples and so on. First, we burn the wax until it melts and mix with natural pigment. After that, we will pour the mixture into the mould and put it into the refrigerator for cooling and solidification. After taking out the crayons, we wrap it with colourful paper and our Super Eata Crayons are done.