3MT1366: Development And Effectiveness Of The I - Saboba Module On Mastering Malay Language Reading Skills For Preschool Students

Arulmozhi A/p Narayanasamy Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris

VIC24 | Virtual 3MT

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Preschool education significantly shapes children’s foundational abilities. Among these, reading proficiency emerges as a critical determinant of academic success. However, recent research highlights a dearth of studies addressing the challenges faced by first-year primary students, particularly non-native Malay speakers, in mastering reading and writing skills. To bridge this gap, a rigorous mixed-methods study employing a quasi-experimental design aims to evaluate the impact of the I - Saboba module on preschoolers reading abilities. Through meticulous analysis of control and treatment groups, both pre- and post-examinations, using statistical tools such as SPSS, this research aims to enhance early reading proficiency by implementing effective reading modules during preschool education. The goal is to cultivate children capable of proficiently mastering reading skills during preschool, thereby effectively preparing them for subsequent levels of education.