SS1324: Digital Storytelling Through Keynote & GarageBand: Spurring Secondary Pupils’ Speaking Skills And Creative Thinking

Geoffrey Lim Fu Chien Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

In the evolving landscape of English language education, the emphasis has shifted from traditional methods to practical application and experiential learning. A prevalent issue in secondary schools is the deficiency in both English language proficiency and creative thinking among students. This innovation integrates Keynote and Garageband to produce digital storytelling videos and aims to enhance English speaking skills and foster creative thinking. 80 selectively chosen secondary school pupils from Apple Distinguished schools were involved in the demonstration. The quantitative data, processed with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), revealed that this innovation significantly enhances both English speaking skills and creative thinking. These findings highlight the importance of integrating apps and digital tools like DST into ESL instruction in Malaysia. This approach aligns with international language education standards and national educational objectives, promoting quality education and equipping students with critical linguistic and thinking skills needed in a globalized, tech-centric world.