PR59: High-Efficient Energy Harvester With Flexible Solar Panel And Footstep For Power Generation System


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Nowadays, the human-made problem such as global warming and pollution become more frequent thus the earth suffer from it. To combat this problem, researcher develop new ways to consume much efficient and green which use renewable energy. Due to single source energy harvester have several disadvantage, increasing the reliability and efficiency of power harvesting by combining two renewable energy as power hybrid harvesting unit purposed in this research. A combination of piezoelectric (PZ) elements and photovoltaic (PV) panel on the walk path were utilized to generate electricity. Therefore main objective of this research are to simulate the kinetic footstep 20 pieces PZ actuators and PV panel matching properties and developing the hybrid harvester power management topological with the high efficient energy conversion capability. In order to achieve that, further analysis in result for output parameter for stand alone PV harvesting system in 6 days, PZ harvesting system produced by 60 kg and 70 kg students in 14 steps and power hybrid harvesting system. Overall, experimental results show that proposed method has successfully achieved with average output produce in this system were 9.46 V and 126.6 mA.